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One of our values at Activate is ‘Belonging’. If you're interested in joining a small group near you - then contact us at today!

"I've made lifelong friends through my local Activate Group and my faith has hit a whole new level.”
declan strachan

Frequently asked questions

What are Activate Groups?

Activate Groups/Life Groups (or 'Small Groups' as they're more commonly known) are simply small groups of people from within the church meeting together mid-week (usually in somebody's house) to connect, hang out and do life together!

What will my group do?

Each group functions a little differently, some meet earlier and revolve around the family, others meet later and are more adult oriented. What your group does will depend largely on who else is there and what the purpose of that group is!

But the key thing to remember is - there's a group for you!

Why join an Activate Group?

Life is meant to be a journey that we go on together! Sunday's are a great time to celebrate God, worship and learn about Him together - but Activate Groups are smaller, more casual environments that provide a much better opportunity to connect and support each other.

How do I join a group?

Just flick us an e-mail and we'll be in touch: